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Jamboree - "You speak our language with very little accent. That's quite unusual—" The sensuous voice slipped in through the chatter and smoke like a familiar caress. He turned to peruse the slow-moving crowd but got no hint as to who was enticing him so seductively in English. . . .

Jingo - "So, did you see him?"  Roberson shot his roommate an ugly look and tossed the soggy hat onto its rack without a glance. "Stood out in that pouring rain since five this morning—" he stooped inside the door to haul off his shoes, "two whole hours! Never saw him." . . .

The Job - Byron had one leg inside his trousers when he was startled by a tap on his back-cabin door.  "Eres despierto?Are you awake in there?" . . .

Joinings - Like a specter, he slipped in without a sound. The smoke-filled room, shuttered against the punishing heat and sunlight, held the air of decay—‌not of matter but of high moral causes. "Hullo, Henri ..."


Read an Excerpt from Panama Fever: Digging Down Gold Mountain

Colón – After the Fire - As he saw the depth of Estelle's resentment, great questions began to form in Byron's head, questions about injustice and what it meant to be loyal. In some small obscure way he felt responsible. . .

Thomas Judah - Its temper more lamb than lion, the volatile Chagres had been mercifully sleepy, allowing Henri Duvay the time to judge how best to rob the mighty river of its power. His team had traced the dormant channel south to where it cascaded three hundred feet to the buttresses of the railroad's latest bridge at Barbacoas. The hulking six-hundred-foot span, girded in stone and belted with wrought-iron, would be lucky to survive the next great flood . . .



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